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About Me,
Webmaster for the Two Warriors Web Site


I have one over-arching philosophy about web pages and that is: keep them simple, easy to navigate, quick to load and full of content. I've been involved with the web since 1993 and my philosophy still holds. My favorite pages are those that are easy to access and full of information. Hopefully this site reflects my philosophy.

I designed this site to celebrate two actors Vladimir Kulich and Daniel Southern and the film 13th Warrior. This is probably pretty obvious hmm? Anyway, I hope ya'll will forgive me that I do not have intentions of updating this site.

I know I am breaking copyright on these pages. Hopefully the copyright holders are okay with this since I am, in effect, promoting their movies and creative endeavors. However, if you are the copyright holder just let me know and I will wave my magic wand and remove whatever you require.

Feel free to email me at: (see link below).


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Last updated November 16, 2002