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Gallery for Buliwyf the Leader

1. One of the heirs apparent

2. After slaying the other heir

3. Now there was a new king

4. Getting up in the morning

5. A terror that cannot be named

6. Consulting the oracle

7. I will be the First man

8. Leaving the encampment

9. On the way North

10. In the snow

11. Watching the men around the fire
after Ibn learns to speak

12. "Come on"

13. "The dog can jump"

14. At the tiller of the ship

15. Ho Land

16. "Odin"

17. "Arab, Speak what I draw"

18. "I am son to Hygleac called Buliwyf.
We all know your worthy lord.
We come on an errand to serve him."

19. The ride from the ship to the hall

20. Assessing the land and its lack of defenses

21. Entering the hall Herot

22. Bow to King Hrothgar

23. Stand before King Hrothgar

24. Close up

25. "What troubles this place?"

26. "Find someone who knows him"

27. Close up

28. Approaching the farmstead up the glen

29. Assessing the damage at the farmstead

30. "If we Chase?"
They Melt

31. "What of the settlements to the north?"

32. "Luck often enough will save a man if his courage holds."

33. I thank the lord for his advice
Though I don't recall hearing any exploits of his
apart from killing his brothers

34. There will be fog

35. "Then you and yours must stop them"

36. Holding the torch for those going into the cellar

37. Pretending to sleep

38. Awaiting the Wendol

39. Prepared for battle

40. After the battle in Herot

41. "Their blood looks real enough"

42. "We will need an example."

43. The redhead? (Herger)
"Mmmmm hmmmm"

44. I'll do it you shouldn't be involved. (Herger)

45. Standing out in the crowd

46. You must stop it (Ibn)
He is going to get killed (Ibn)
"That is possible"

47. Preventing Ibn from getting involved

48. See to friend he was a brave man (Herger)

49. "As you say foolish, and expensive.
We will miss Angus tonight.
We will miss his sword."

50. "Take the North"

51. Waiting for the fire wyrm

52. Watching the Wendol approach on horseback with torches

53. Standing in the dark, as allies flee

54. "Arab!"

55. "Put your foot on it and Stand!"

56. Standing firm

57. Salute to the departing enemy

58. Petting the dog

59. "If it's a man it must sleep"

60. "If it sleeps it has a lair.
And we have a trail"

61. Attack them? (Herger)
"Is there a choice?"

62. "You know me?"

63. Warrior says the wind
Chieftan says the rain

64. Strike the root (Old Woman)

65. "Where do I seek her?"
She is the earth, seek her in the earth (Old Woman)

66. "Is there a cave?"

67. "Can we get to it?"
If they don't keep dogs, maybe (Edgtho)

68. You fool, left your armor on and almost got us killed

69. Skulls and bones

70. Saving Ibn from falling down the waterfall

71. Shhh

72. Over the edge

73. Down the waterfall

74. Death approaches

75. Let's get them.

76. Hunting the Mother of the Wendol

77. I've done it

78. Ouch

79. It is done? (Herger)
"It is."

80. "A hard fight to get clear of here"

81. ...

82. Can we swim it or do we drown trying? (Edgtho)
"Try it"

83. Breath deeply

84. Breath

85. "You're wearing that long face for me?"

86. "A man might be thought wealthy"

87. "If someone where to draw the story of his deeds
that they may be remembered"

88. Dragging himself out to the defenses

89. Preparing to stand

90. "Lo there do I see my father ..."

91. "...Where the brave may live. Forever."

92. Ready for the fight

93. Killing the leader

94. The leader dies

95. Claiming his throne

96. Planting his sword

97. Still

98. Dead

99. Buried as a king

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