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Wish Parts for Vladimir Kulich

To whom it may concern, the ideas on this page are not copyrighted feel free to use them. Particularly if you cast Vladimir Kulich.

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My Wishes

  1. Sitcom on Television
    So there's this guy from the former Soviet bloc and he's now in America and he's in a very small town in the middle of America trying to fit in and be part of the community. He's the new librarian and he gets mixed up in all kinds of things because people talk to him and he's got all of this information and access to information. Sort of Northern Exposure meets 3rd Rock.

  2. Science Fiction Movies/Series (Star Trek are you paying attention?)
    Wouldn't he make a great starship captain? Or if he can't be cast as the lead and hero what about the chief of security (an obvious part) or the ships counsellor? Why can't the ships counsellor be a big guy with an accent? Seriously! An intellectual who can handle the klingons who are part of the crew??? He has to remain human though. No funny makeup or it would ruin the incongruence factor.

  3. Historical Epic Movies(i.e. Viking sagas)
    This one is so obvious that I am very surprised he hasn't been cast in more roles as hero. I don't want to have anyone think he is interchangeable with Arnold Schwarzenneger so let me just say right now he isn't. First, he is a better actor. He doesn't play the same role over and over in the same way. I think he has a better range. So remove Mr. Schwarzenneger from the imagery. Substitute in Sean Connery. I think this is a much better comparison, though much of Mr. Kulich's work does not show this off well. Why isn't he in more movies where there is exploration, adventure and great scenery?

  4. Romantic Comedy Movies
    I think he would do bemused very well. Why not cast him opposite Nicole Kidman, she wants him, he's clueless, he's involved in something mysterious, she gets involved accidentally etc...

Contribute Your Wishes to this Page!

Email me (Gia) at: with your ideas and I will add them to this page. Remember that you are then making those ideas public domain with no copyright or strings attached.
  1. "I'm a new fan of Vladimir's, having discovered him in 13th Warrior. I was thrilled to find that he has a strong following. Your site is very well done and I find myself returning often. I am also a comic book collector from old and with Marvel Comics working up so many adaptations of late I thought I would throw a few suggestions as to characters that I believe Vlad would be perfect for. The most obvious one to me is the Mighty Thor. There are so many more obscure Marvel properties in developemnwt already I thought another would be great--Ka-Zar the Savage." -- by Chris

  2. "I would love to see this actor in something that will not lock him in one type of character. He is really good looking and would make the perfect Thor, but maybe something a lot different next time. If they ever decide to make a movie based on Louis L'Amour's "The Man From Skibbereen" he would be perfect as the lead character Crispin Mayo. This book would make a great movie, but only if they kept the movie word for word with the book." -- by Invictus

  3. "The role that I would like to see Mr. Kulich play would be the role of Uther in the motion picture based on Jack Whyte's latest novel "Uther". Don't you think that he would make a convincing father for the future King Arthur? And of course, it would be especially great if Dennis Storhoi could play Merlin in the movie. You have to read the book to understand that the character of Merlin is quite different in this book than in any other book written about Arthurian myth." --by Cadasta

  4. "It's too late, but he would have made a splendid Háma, Captain of the Guard for King Théoden of Rohan in "The Lord of the Rings." Especially with longer hair in many braids. YEOW!" -- by Maryann

  5. "I've read a book by Anne Rice called "The Vampire Armand", where there is a caracter called Marius. Marius is a vampire who was human during the Roman Empire, described as a tall, strong, blond man, aging 40 years old when he became an immortal. I can't think of him without seeing Vladimir. He was in my head ever since I read the descripition of Marius.
    Then, there was a movie from another book of Anne Rice, "The Queen of the Damned", where Marius would 'appear'. Since, in my mind, I expected Vladimir it was really disapointing to see Vincent Perez playing the roll.
    Looking forward to see Vladimir as Thor and other rolls where we could see once again his strength and presence." -- by Martha.

  6. "Anyway, if your still doing the movie idea's thing here's one.
    They're making an Alien Versus Predator movie soon, I personally think V.Kulich would be awesome as one of the marines caught in the middle of the war marine. The guy is so big and has such screen presence he'd be perfect for the role. It doesn't even have to be a main role, he could be killed half way through but I still think he'd make an awesome marine providing they gave him a badd-ass attitude like Vin Diesel had in Pitch Black." -- by Ross

  7. "How about a prequel to the 13th Warrior?" -- by Mia

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