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What's New

November 16, 2002 Moved Edgtho to
to free up space here.
Moved Beowulf to
to free up space here.
Repaired missing and broken items.
Updated links
May 11, 2002 Updated links page
Fixed wish on wish page
February 2 & 3, 2002 Add gallery for Pandora's Clock
Add wish from Invictus to Wishes page
Check links on link page
August 14, 2001 Add 13th Warrior "More" Poll
Add new links to link page
Check links on link page
June 16 & 17, 2001 Add Red Scorpion 2 gallery page(s)

March 1, 2001 Add Beowulf page
Add Beowulf links page
Add Beowulf gallery page(s)
Add 13th Warrior "Prequel" Poll
March 4, 2001 Add What's New page with history of site
February 24 & 25 2001 Add larger picture gallery for Firestorm
February 10 & 11 2001 Post site to search engines.
Discovered by SubRosa, Vixens and other Fans!
Add Films pages and pictures for Vladimir Kulich and Daniel Southern
Add sound gallery for 13th Warrior
February 3 & 4 2001 Bring up site with Edgtho & Buliwyf Galleries, bio, links, guestbook, wishes and about.
January 2001 Begin work on Two Warriors web page
December 2000 Receive Technology & 13th Warrior for Christmas!
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Last updated November 16, 2002