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Vladimir Kulich on Film

I am only listing films that I have pictures for, excluding the 13th Warrior, which you can find at The Gallery. For a complete listing of appearances in movies and television visit either The Internet Movie Database or The Official Vladimir Kulich Website. Click on any of the thumbnails to view the larger image.

Firestorm * Decoy * Crackerjack * Red Scorpion 2 * Pandora's Clock

Firestorm (1998) as Karge

My opinion... This was a fun fluff action type movie. The best part was the female biologist. Vladimir Kulich plays a bad guy, I think he could do comedy very well. Unfotunately, he is not on screen very much.

For more pictures and soundfiles see: Firestorm, Featuring Vladimir Kulich as Karge

Fire 01 Fire 02 Fire 03 Fire 04 Fire 05
Fire 06 Fire 07 Fire 08 Fire 09 Fire 10

Decoy (1995) as Daniel

My opinion... Watch this movie with a remote control so you can fast forward most of it. Possibly worth seeing for the suit. Again he is not on the screen as much as I'd like, but more than he is in Firestorm.
Decoy 01 Decoy 02 Decoy 03 Decoy 04
Decoy 05
Decoy 06 Decoy 07 Decoy 08

Crackerjack (1994) as Stephan

My opinion... Certainly better than Decoy. This is an action adventure amalgam of Lethal Weapon and Die Hard. Predictable but there are a couple of twists and Vladimir Kulich's character Stephan gives us at least one of them. Costars Nastassja Kinski, and Christopher Plummer. The great news is that Vladimir is on screen quite a bit!

For more pictures and soundfiles see: Crackerjack, Featuring Vladimir Kulich as Stephan

Cracker 01 Cracker 02 Cracker 03 Cracker 04 Cracker 05
Cracker 06 Cracker 07 Cracker 08 Cracker 09 Cracker 10
Cracker 11 Cracker 12 Cracker 13 Cracker 14 Cracker 15

Red Scorpion 2 (1994) as Hans

My opinion... It's not as bad as Decoy of course that doesn't say much does it. Vladimir plays the heavy, strong, silent, mean. He is on screen a fair amount of time for not having any real lines. The story is a predictable piece about a group of men who infiltrate and destroy a white supremacist group.

Pictures from Red Scorpion 2, Featuring Vladimir Kulich as Hans

Pandora's Clock (1996) as Yuri

My opinion... Pandora's clock is a fairly interesting movie (thank heavens). Vladimir plays a bad guy again. There is a priceless scene showing great comic timing between Yuri and the guy who has arranged for Yuri to steal a plane. Unfortunately, Vladimir is not in the movie till the second part. The movie as a whole is thought provoking. I just wish they had done more with the fascinating story of Yuri. Who was he, what had he done before, etc...

Pictures from Pandora's Clock, Featuring Vladimir Kulich as Yuri

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