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Buliwyf the Leader

& Vladimir Kulich the Actor

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My Thoughts ...

Leadership requires more than just strength and Buliwyf shows us this in the Thirteenth Warrior. Buliwyf *is* strong, but he is also intelligent, cunning, aware, beautiful, quick witted, caring, forceful, wise and did I mention good looking. I really enjoyed the realism of how leadership works in a unit such as the 13 warriors. I also enjoyed just watching Buliwyf. He didn't have that many lines, but every time he was on the screen I could not take my eyes off of him. He oozed "Presence." I wish this gifted actor had more opportunities.

Mini Biography

From Vladimir Kulich was born in Czechoslovakia and began his training at the State Theatre of Czechoslovakia, also learning to speak three other languages fluently. He moved to Canada and immediately was cast in guest-starring television and feature roles. The 6'5" Kulich adds prowess and physical stature to his naturally strong presence on stage and screen.

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